This method was "formally Risk Free Trader", we have purchased the rights from Anthony,

and now have added software to locate the trades.

If I Said You Can Place Bets on UK & Irish Horse Races

And only Win, Would that Be Exciting?




Video Runs for 7 minutes.

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From the People that brought you "All By The Book"

and "Golden Key Method."

Now we bring you,

Zero Risk Trader


7 losing days, total 43.60 loss, daily ave £6.22

47 winning days, £2952.00 Profit Daily ave £62.82

That profit line is heading in a consistant upward direction.


If the thought of an extra £5,000 to £10,000 a year sounds GOOD...

Read on...

In the Twenty One Weeks Since Release

We are 196.24 points UP.

That is £4,535.40 at the recommended Staking!!!


Let's get a few important points straight right now.

Firstly, we lied on Anthony Stone, that is not his real name, sorry. But the creator, does not want to get this bookie accounts closed. (He already has have some closed, before he got smart.).

It is these smart ways that will stop you getting your bookie accounts closed. If you have All By The Book and Golden Key, you will know how to stop this.

This method will not let you retire and live on a desert island (tax haven), but it will provide luxuries that at present maybe out of reach. Like nice holiday, new telly, upgrade the car maybe.

Anthony, now has a new baby and time to trade is limited so he has asked me to offer his strategy to my clients. He was very impressed with All By The Book and sees his method as a perfect tool to use with it.

This is a completely stand alone strategy, and it very powerful.

OK, you will need:

1. Betfair and ideally a Betdaq account (betting exchange).

2. Bookies that take bets on the UK & Irish Horse Racing. Either BOG (Best Odd Bookies) or standard bookies.

3. Good internet connection (broadband or better).

4. Calculator, pen and paper.

5. Some spare time to bet, and Saturday's offer the best opportunties.

That's it, no paid sites are used.

Typically a betting day will start at about 1 hour before racing starts, like most things in life the more you put in the more you get out of it.

You can use the Risk Free Trader strategy can be used when ever you get the time.

This strategy, is very powerfull and easy to use, the trade bets are done at the same time, so it is possible to login on the computer at lunch time look at a few races, make your trades and forget about it.

So, I am sure most people will find this a tool they can use.

Evening races, yes no problem, Saturday yes best day. Week day afternoon meeting, yes... Bank holiday meeting yes also good.

This strategy is for UK and Irish racing.

Flats, All Weather, Hurdle, Chase are all races that Risk Free Trader can be used on.

Day racing, night racing both can be used.

Remember we are completing our trade at one time only, so no waiting to finish the trade, this appeals to a lot of people.

You can start small and grow and you get the confidence and your bank grows.

As I said earlier if you have All by The Book and or Golden Key Method, you know there is such a thing as Risk Free betting, this is another string to your bow.

You see once you get this strategy, Anthony's Betfair account where he bets most days, certainly any day he wants he finds these nuggets to trade and make money.

Here is an example of 8 days trading.

Latest Trades.



OK, that is enough gas bagging, on with it.

Where are the testimonals Steve?

This is brand spanking NEW, but here are 2 we have recieved.

I have not sent it to the review sites, as we only have a small amount to sell, and if

we sell all in a few weeks, then the review sites may get annoyed.

You are getting a PDF, 65 pages, only a few of those pages have the strategy.

You will see this video lesson after purchase.


The rest is screenshots showing you live examples of the trades to get you familiar

with it.

You will be amazed at just how often and easy it is to make these RISK FREE TRADES.


The REAL Secret

You may have seen, read or at least heard of, "The Secret." Well here is the real secret, in a nutshell:

Take 100 footballers, or tennis players, or even 100 people fpom any club. In fact, take any 100 people randomly. What you will discover in any group is the same thing:
  • 5% will be stars (very good)
  • 15% will be pretty good
  • 80% will be also-rans, those just battling to make the grade
...I think you get the picture!

What makes the 5% so good, it is not education. The world is full of educated derelicts. Nor is it money, or class status or anything that easily specific.

What makes them winners and separates them from all the rest is CHOICE and BEHAVIOUR! That is the real SECRET!

Not Magic. Anyone can do it... it's just that most people (95%) don't!

Here is a great example!

We will sell 100 copies of RISK FREE TRADER. But, guess WHAT?! Most read it and say, "oh, well, too hard... won't suit me." Or, "I work, so I can't do it."

And where is their copy now? Yep, still sitting on their hard drive, if they even opened it at all!

That is the "95%'ers" approach!!

They had the same choice you have now, and they accepted their behavior, which was to do NOTHING! -- just like all the other SYSTEMS they purchased before (and will probably purchase afterward)! Because buying the system isn't the end... it's only the beginning!

But, they did not have to choose that course. (And neither do you!)

Now, what the 5%'ers DID was choose another course.

They will have the very same RISK FREE TRADER system, READ it, even several times if necessary (some even printed it up, to study it as they took the bus to work), until they completely understood every portion of the system. And, if they didn't understand something, they asked questions, until everything was clear. In short, they did whatever it took< to master the system!

But, at this point, their choices are little different from the choices of the 15%'ers.

NOW, for the difference!!

What did the 5%'ers DO DIFFERENTLY than all the rest?


Than all the rest!!

And they did not quit as soon as they had a loss. They did not wane from the instructions!

AND, YES they will make the same returns

You see the difference? All of them will buy the system. They made the same choice. But 95% never bothered to follow it. Or, if they did, they did not stick to it. Do you SEE how their BEHAVIOUR was THE DIFFERENCE?!?!

The bottom line is: Those that are following it are making


Brian, ordinary sort a punter, was struggling to make is betting hobby pay.

He brought, All By The Book, and started using it, making a small return almost every day. No big win falls, but more importantly, NO LOSSES..

Brian, took his wife on a cruise, last month.... so what?

From his winnings from All By The Book... the very same strategy many people brought read and said "it won't suit me!!"

The difference between them and Brian?

Brian took action... by the way, wife loved the cruise.

You can see All by The Book here...

But more importantly, Brian is the sort of people we want to purchase RISK FREE TRADER.

If you have a 100 or more betting strategies on your hard drive, and you have not actioned any...DON'T Buy.. this one.

I would rather you left this offer to people that will use it.


This product has been price to reflect the limited copies we will sell.

Yes it is more expensive that I normally sell, however it is a very limited.

And we only want serious people to buy it.



NOW available, Trading Software to find the trades for you!!


We have now created a software that will locate the trades that fit the Zero Risk Trader rules.

That means, you can now flick the software on in the morning and it will locate the trades, every momonet of the day, so you can just pick and chose the trades that suit you and the bookies you use.

This software is dead easy to use, and makes Zero Risk Trader a breeze.

You can not get the software without the manual purchase as it is import you know the Zero Risk Trader method.

It works fine with both Best Odds Bookies and Non Best Odds bookies and the exchange Betfair.

We can not show you the Software working as it will give you the method we use and that would not be fair to our clients that use Zero Risk Trader everyday.

The only comment we got from users of the Zero Risk Trader was that it would be great to automate it.

Now we have.. so what's stopping you getting Risk Traders?

We use all the bookies that are currently listed on oddschecker, and Betfair.

So If £5,000 to £15,000 a year with Zero risk excites you, jump on the buy button now.

We dont offer this system everyday, as some of you will know.

Only when we think the market liquidly will not be affected to our clients.

At present there is plenty of trades for all.

This is NOT the same as Racing Profit Booster.

So, grab this today, and you will be amazed at why you did not think of it.

We are offering you 3 months access to the trading software with the manual in the main offer.

You will only be able to get the software is you have the manual.

And the three month option is an introduction offer only.

Renewals will be for 6 month (£99.97) and 12 month (£139.97)periods only.




PLUS Months Access to the Trading Software!




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Only 6 month and 12 month access.


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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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